Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy March Madness!

Hey everyone!
Today's the big day, March Madness officially begins with the Bracket Selection Show!
Don't forget, it's on TBS this year, not CBS, and it still starts at 5:00 CT.
Something the Committee is doing this year, which I am not a fan of tbh, is releasing all the names of the teams in alphabetical order, then going through the individual matchups within the bracket.
It saves them if the bracket gets leaked like it has in previous years, but takes the fun out of the reveal, nonetheless.
I spent most of the night scrubbing the bracket down to my "working" final bracket, with a couple of contingencies for the games that will take place between now and the Selection Show.
Thanks to everyone once again for following along with me this year as I sought to understand the new dynamic that the Committee is using and no matter what, at least we'll know for next year what it all means for Selection Sunday (so we hope).
I'll be posting my final bracket a little bit later today, so be watching out for that! Enjoy!!
- Josh

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